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Updated: Aug 15, 2021

In India, the 2D and 3D Animation career is a very demanding option for those who love drawing and painting. After CADD NEST's animation courses in Bangalore, you can get a good job or build your career in the field of freelancing, which is also very trending and popular. Every child is fond of 2D or 3D movies for their enjoyment.

Both children and adults also love 2D animated pictures, cartoons, and advertisements. Some famous animated cartoons which everyone loves watching anytime are Tom And Jerry(very oldest), Duck Tales, Mickey Mouse, The Jungle Book, etc. Even nowadays study materials are also created in 2D and 3D types for an easy understanding subject. The advertisements companies also creating their ads in 2 or 3 dimensions to attract customers. That’s why the demand for 2D/3D Animator and background artist are increasing rapidly all over the globe.

CADD NEST's Animation courses in Bangalore 2D Animation are very popular. Indian cinema is also using 2D/3D animation at a very large scale to increase its viewers.

Job roles in Animation Sector

It is perhaps the greatest worry what work job will be offered, and how it will help in boosting the career. Indeed. This worry is real, and can't be overlooked, consequently to assist you with the understanding we have presented to you a list of jobs that you can get subsequent to finishing your animation degree at CADD NEST animation institute Bangalore.

  • 2 D Animator

  • 3 D Animator

  • Storyboard Artist

  • Image Editor

  • Background Artist

  • Clean-Up Artist

  • Digital Ink and Paint Artist

  • Rigging Artist

  • Rendering Artist

  • Modeler

  • Character Animator

  • Texture Artist

  • Layout Artist

  • Lighting Artist

  • Key Frame Animator

Animation Sector

If you love animation and successfully completed your animation course from CADD NEST, then there is no limit to career options. Here we have prepared a list of sectors where you may get a job with a handsome salary package.

  • Film & Television

  • Cartoon Production

  • Video Gaming

  • Online and Print News Media

  • Advertising

  • Theater

  • E-learning

CADD NEST team wishes you the best of luck for your bright future in the animation sector.

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