Best Handwriting Improvement Classes at CADD NEST in Bangalore

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Handwriting plays a major role in the life of every student to gain good marks in their academics especially at the beginning of learning. Generally, every student learns two ways of writing i.e. cursive writing and print writing. At the starting of schooling, the first mode of teaching is print writing and capital letters as these print letters are consist of standing, sleeping, slanting, and curve lines which is easy for the students to learn and write.

After upper case print letters, the teacher teaches students lower case print letters as they also consist of lines and curves. Later on, when the child develops his fine motor skill they move to cursive writing as it is consisted of curves and looks more beautiful and increases speed also.

In Print writing, the words are not joined with each other and written by lifting a hand while in cursive the letters are joined with each other with stroke and written without lifting the hands. By proper guidance and practice at CADD NEST's all 4 branches, any student can improve his/her handwriting and can also improve his speed. Proper pencil holding, posture, and formation are required for handwriting improvement.

Gradually CADD NEST develops this essential skill into students with lots of patience and practice and ultimately it becomes our tool to express our thoughts, to score in the examinations, and scientifically, handwriting becomes one's identity. Later days, this aptitude just gives the space for realistic expressions and calligraphy in the human innovative world.

Why Good Handwriting is Important:

  • For school-going children, clear and legible handwriting makes them easy to score good marks in examinations.

  • Legible handwriting impresses the teachers and parents as well.

  • Good and clear handwriting also increases self-confidence and motivation too.

The outcome of CADD NEST Training:

  • Impressive legible writing

  • Symmetry in the character spacing and size

  • After CADD NEST handwriting training you learn to balance with the speed of writing.

  • You learn the correct way of holding a pen and pencil.

CADD NEST's Trainers Guidelines to be followed:

• Always sit straight with both the elbows resting on the table.

• Maintain a comfortable distance from the table.

• Keep your workbook preferably at a 45-degree angle from the body.

• Use a fountain or gel pen only to a better result.

• Pen/Pencil should be gripped lightly.

• Do not put excessive pressure on the workbook.

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